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3 Common Types of Roof Trusses

February 18, 2020

Roof trusses are important components of construction and home building because they provide a solid foundation for your roof and are necessary when it comes to preventing dangerous situations. We all want safety and security when it comes to our homes and it’s important to have strong and sturdy materials, especially when it comes to the construction of our roofs.


Here are several types of roof supports that you may consider when having your home or any property constructed:


1. King Post Truss


The king post roof truss is one of the most common forms of trusses, and is usually made from wood but can also be combined with metal for a stronger foundation depending on the need and the size of the construction project. King post trusses use one central supporting post and are usually used in all kinds of houses and other real estate properties.  



2. Howe Truss


This type of roof truss is a blend of wood and steel and Is ideal for properties that are meant to be elegant and aesthetically appealing. It is utilized in a variety of designs and other project types because of its straight-forward composition and durability offered through the combination of materials.


Howe trusses can cover 6 to 30 meters of an area. Its wide span capabilities can be reliable in construction projects of a larger capacity like a full gazebo, a modern tent, or gymnasium.  


3. Queen Post Truss


The queen post truss is crafted to be versatile, reliable, and simple. With its given span of ten meters, it can span longer than the opening of a king post truss. It also uses two vertical supporting posts rather than one.


 It can be a little tricky choosing the best structural framework for your property, but these guides can help you determine what type is needed for your project.  Contact us today to learn more.