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3 Critical Components of Roof Truss Designs

October 09, 2019

The actual manufacturing process involved to bring roof truss designs to life is a labour intensive endeavour, requiring the skillful application of connectors and fasteners.


This is why experts in the home building industry have to consider methods of installation that can scale economically.


One way estimators and contractors go about achieving when in the process of developing a roof truss is by taking into account the following factors:


1) The Structure of the Roof

Upon determining that a roof truss is an ideal candidate for roof support, the design should be taken into consideration so that it is congruent with the roof type. The roof truss designs typically seen throughout Ontario are saddle, single pitch, and flat designs.


2) Analysing Pressures

A roof truss exists in a perpetual state of compression and tension throughout its life, the severity of which depends on where the diagonals incline. Proper management of these pressures are contingent on calculating the maximal loading that can alter the structure. In lieu of this, failure and inevitably collapse can occur. This is why it cannot be understated to work alongside roof truss designers and manufacturers with a history of success, such as Tamarack Lumber.


3) Being Conscious of System Lines

When looking to ensure effective management of the loads in question and that roof truss designs are suitable, the system lines of said trusses should ideally meet at panel points.


While ideal, it may not always be a viable solution as it is not uncommon for stress to be exerted on members and connectors. In these situations, system lines or diagonals for the entire truss should meet at one point or within the chord member to equally disseminate the loading.


Let Your Roof Truss Deal with the Stress…

There needn’t be any stress involved in the manufacture of your roof truss, that’s what Tamarack Lumber is for! We’re proud of the pedigree we’ve come to establish for ourselves over the past 30 years, helping residential, commercial, and farm markets meet their roof truss needs. We produce and deliver your initial designs in record time and quality!