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3 Crucial Things To Know About Roof Trusses

March 01, 2021

Among the many different components of a building, the roof is one of the most important. Not only does this piece act as a source of protection and shelter for the building, but it serves as a crucial engineering element that allows the accommodation of other components. As one of the biggest and heaviest structural elements, the construction of roof trusses need proper design and careful planning right from the beginning. This is the reason why they usually come prefabricated and engineered to perfectly match the weight requirements, and support buildings without compromising the integrity of the whole structure. Here are the three important facts to know more about what contributes to a well built roof. 

Load Distribution 

Usually, roof trusses form a series of triangles and webs for even distribution of the weight of the roof and are away from just the centre. The manner they are bound allows the transfer of the pressure to the exterior walls of the building. This makes the inner walls free from having to bear the load and thus, allows the flexibility to design the building’s interior.

Expanded Truss 

A long-span roof is one that exceeds the standard 12-metre distance between the two roofing supports. This is pretty normal in a factory or warehouse where prefabricated roof trusses are utilized to make the construction process a lot faster and less labour intensive. In this case, you will get a longer span so there’s no need to join two or more trusses together to attain the necessary roof width. 

Fabrication and Installation 

Creating the roof for most buildings off-site means more preparation time is needed by the property owner before the system can be installed. Prefabricated trusses will be brought to site ready for installation and can be installed in the span of one in day in some cases. This saves plenty of time in building the whole structure. 

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