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3 Essential Capabilities of Roof Trusses

June 11, 2019


It’s no secret that the roof is a quintessential element to the construction of any building. Roofs serve to protect both occupants and the interior of the property from the elements. As one of the largest and heaviest structural components of the construction process, the planning, design, manufacturing, and implementation of roof trusses require a large degree of care. It is for this reason that the trusses are typically pre-fabricated and engineered by industry professionals to ensure they are perfectly safe and suited for the required project specifications.


Trusses may seem like intricate structures within the building construction process – but today we hope to simplify things with 3 benefits you should know.


Load Distribution


Trusses are designed to distribute the load evenly. Trusses are designed with a series of triangles and webs to carry the weight across the entirety of the roof. The way in which they installed also allow for the pressure from the load to be carried to the exterior walls of the building, leaving the inner walls free from bearing the brunt of the load.


Truss System Expansion


A long span roof exceeds a 12-meter distance between two roof supports. Long span roofs are commonly found in factories and warehouses where prefabricated roof trusses are used to make the construction process faster and less labour intensive.


Installation Period


Fabricating roof trusses off-site allows for more prep time onsite before installation. This way workers do not need to falter on specific timelines due to delays in constructing trusses. Prefabricated trusses are brought to the project site to be installed on the same day.


Looking for a Reputable Roof Truss Manufacturer?

Leave it to the roof truss specialists at Tamarack Lumber. As you plan your next project, allow us to ensure your roof is as structurally sound as possible by opting for our prefabricated trusses. Call us to learn more about our roof truss service.