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3 Essential Facts About Roof Trusses

February 27, 2019

One of the most crucial elements of any building is its roof. Among other things, it protects both the residents and the property from the harsh effects of weather. Being one of the largest and heaviest structural components of any building, the construction of roof trusses requires careful design and planning. This is why they usually come prefabricated and engineered to perfectly suit the required weight and support parameters. By the end of this blog, you will be more familiar with roof trusses, and how they can be built safely and efficiently.


Here are three essential facts you should know about roof trusses:


Distribution of Load

Typically, roof trusses in Ontario form a series of triangles and webs to ensure even weight distribution of the roof. The way they are installed allows the transfer of the pressure to the exterior walls of the building. This leaves the inner walls free from bearing the brunt of the load. This leaves the own free to design the interior of the building without compromising its structural integrity.


Extended Span Truss System

A long span roof is the one that exceeds the 12-metre distance between the two roof supports. This is very common in factories or warehouses where prefabricated roof trusses are used to make the construction process faster and less labour intensive. This is because a longer, prebuilt truss eliminates the time-consuming task of joining two or more truss pieces together to achieve the required roof width.


Installation Time

Fabricating roof trusses in Ontario buildings off-site means more preparation time for the property owner before installation. The prefabricated trusses will be brought to the site ready for installation and installed on the same day. A lot of time will be saved by the client in building the structure.


Talking with truss specialists at Tamarack Lumber as you plan your construction will help you ensure that your building will be the strongest one possible. If you are in need of roof trusses in Ontario, simply give us a call.