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3 Factors That Make Timber Roof Trusses A Reliable Choice

February 24, 2022


Building the house of your dreams is a milestone in anyone's life. But, we all know it is not as easy as it sounds. From sourcing the best construction materials to finding contractors that can execute the engineer's plan accurately, building your dream home require a lot of work. 


One of the important steps in the construction process involves selecting the right roof trusses. Building the roof for your house does not have to be too difficult if you go for timber roof trusses. One thing that engineers and contractors agree upon is that timber trusses are best for building strong and durable roofs.


In this blog, we list factors that make timber trusses dependable.

Engineered in a dedicated facility

One of the major factors that make timber trusses dependable is that they are manufactured in the controlled environment of a dedicated facility. Timber trusses are manufactured according to the plan of engineers. The precision and quality in which these trusses are built make them immensely dependable.


Strong material

Timber is a strong material, making it ideal for building roof trusses. Thanks to the unique design of a truss, it requires significantly less material but offers immense strength and durability. The load-bearing capacity of a timber truss is outstanding. Strenght are durabilities are certainly two important factors that make timber trusses dependable.


Better than rafters for covering larger areas

The roof has to cover a larger area if you are planning to build a spacious home. Rafters, one of the most common roofing materials, are good for smaller homes. Engineers prefer a timber roof truss because of its ability to span larger distances without breaking or getting damaged. 


There are many roof truss designs that you can go for depending on the nature of construction. For engineered roof trusses of the best quality, you can rely on Tamarack Lumber. You can get in touch with us today to learn about everything we can do for you.