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3 Fast Ways To Personalize A Home With Trim Mouldings

April 22, 2022


Trim mouldings are decorative pieces of wood that are placed at the edge of walls where they meet ceilings, doorways, windows, and other framings within a house. Essentially, trim mouldings are used to hide minor construction errors, cover gaps between the wall and ceiling, if any, and provide a more polished, refined look to any construction project. They also greatly contribute to any property’s aesthetics. However, there are 3 ways to tastefully add trim mouldings to a particular property, depending on its architecture. Their differences and benefits will be listed down below.

Types of trim mouldings based on architecture.


Entablatures are a great way to add personality to your interiors. An entablature is a wall-like structure comprising two columns and a lintel that is supported by an architrave. It also often contains a decorative frieze, which may be sculpted or painted. The cornice above the entablature can support the roof's weight and hide the space above the columns and the ceiling.


Customized high-profile casings are perfect for Victorian-style homes, as the style of the casing perfectly matches the design sensibilities of the interiors. To further sell the trim, the high-profile casing can be further designed in a Victorian-style aesthetic to complement the other features in the room. The casing can also be designed to match the trim on other fixtures in your Victorian-style home.


Modernist homes are usually characterized by simple lines, sleek furniture, and an absence of clutter. For this reason, the simple metal trimming on a casing is perfect in this scenario because it adds a little colour to the room, but it doesn't take away from the minimalist design.

Thus, by adding these 3 modifications depending on the architecture, it is possible to really improve the aesthetic quality of a room’s interiors.

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