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3 Qualities Of A Good Lumber Supplier

December 29, 2021


You have to rely on trustworthy lumber yards to source timber for construction projects of varying nature. If you end up depending on an unreliable lumber supplier, your construction project can be in jeopardy. The quality of timber is imperative for the successful completion of buildings within a given time frame. Do not worry if you have no prior experience dealing with lumberyards. This blog discusses significant factors that can help you determine a good lumber yard in Mississauga


Signs of a good lumber yard


Extensive collection of softwood and hardwood

One of the essential qualities of a dependable lumber yard is its diverse collection of good-quality hardwood and softwood. While hardwood is used to construct floors, ceilings, and walls, softwood is used extensively for making doors and windows. 


Hardwood is obtained from angiosperm trees, and softwood is obtained from gymnosperm trees. Willow, maple, teak, and betel are significant examples of trees that provide hardwood. Pine, larch, fir, and cedar are primary examples of trees that give softwood. 


Availability of pressure-treated lumber

Pressure-treated lumber is widely used in construction projects across Canada. This type of lumber is generally more durable than regular wood. In addition, it undergoes special process treatment that makes it less vulnerable to decay, ensuring a longer life. Pressure-treated lumbers are also less susceptible to insect infestations.


Offers milling service

The timber requirement in terms of size and shape varies for every construction project. This is why sourcing wood from a lumber yard in Mississauga that offers milling service is essential. The milling service offered by timber yards can help you save time and money.


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