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3 Reasons Why Roof Trusses Are Better Than Rafters

September 08, 2022

Finding ways to build stronger roofs that can resist natural calamities like hurricanes and storms was a necessity. Traditional rafters were often susceptible to harsh weather and violent natural occurrences. Hence, engineers and builders came up with roof trusses to meet this requirement. Roof trusses provide a strong bond between the deck and the walls of the house. 

Additionally, they also eliminate the high costs associated with luxury interior design ideas that involved rafters. Thus, timber trusses provided the home construction industry with a highly dependable alternative. Here are 3 more reasons why trusses are better than rafters.

Reasons Why Roof Trusses Are Superior To Rafters


Better bonding:
Engineers usually relied on two-by-two lumbers to set up the rafters. However, now they use lumber of 2x4s in triangular formation for better strength and resistance against strong breezes, heavy rain, and snow. Pieces of lumber, known as members, are bolted using metal connector plates. This provides a better bond between the house and its top deck. This is possible majorly due to the density, high quality, and lightweight features of the wood. 
Facilitates better interior plans:
There are many perks involved with engineered roof trusses. They provide immense overall strength and span capability and can be placed in position rather quickly compared to rafters. Trusses transfer weight from the roof to the exterior walls, unlike rafters that bear weight on the interior walls. This leaves interior designers and engineers with ample interior space and design options.
Lavish designs at a cheaper price:
More interior space and better safety against natural calamities allow engineers and interior decor experts to go with lavish plans that usually fit their clients' budgets. The increasing popularity of wooden trusses and their features have encouraged many to ditch traditional rafters.
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