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3 Things To Look For While Inspecting A Roof Truss

March 28, 2022

Trusses have stood the test of time and have been used for building roofs for many decades. The strength and the excellent load-bearing capability make trusses a better choice than rafters for roof building. 


With regular inspection and maintenance, you can prolong the life of the trusses that supports your roof.  Steel and timber are the two materials used for the construction of trusses. In this blog, however, we discuss the three main things to look for while inspecting a roof truss. 

Look for these three signs while inspecting the trusses 


One of the major problems that affect the structural integrity of roof trusses is the growth of mould on them. When timber trusses are exposed to moisture or water, the conditions become conducive for mould growth. If you find mould on your wooden truss, it is imperative to find the source from where moisture or water was allowed to come in. You can use a homemade solution made with vinegar and baking soda to get rid of moulds.


Connector plates

As the name suggests, connector plates are metal plates used for joining timber trusses. These plates play an important role in the overall structural integrity of the roof. During the inspection, it is recommended to carefully examine the connector plates and look for any damages, cracks, bends or scratches that can affect their ability to hold together trusses.


Insect infestation

Insect infestation is another problem that can cause significant damage to the structural integrity of your roof. Not always is it possible for you to inspect a roof truss by yourself. The complex design or limited access to the attic can make it difficult for you to carry out a thorough inspection. It is recommended to hire professionals who can do this work for you. 


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