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4 Accurate Signs Your Roof Trusses in Ontario Are About to Fail

September 21, 2020

Roof trusses in Ontario are wooden parts of your roof that form independent shapes that help stabilise your roof and withhold its immense strength. Structural engineers use trusses to realise exceptional roofing architecture with high durability. For this reason, homeowners should never remove trusses unless a structural engineer approves it. However, they can rot and become problematic over time.

What are four accurate signs your trusses will soon fail and need replacements?

Previous Water Damage

If you've previously mismanaged a roof leak, your roof trusses in Ontario might be in peril. Water damage can destroy the protective resin, which can bloat and rot wooden trusses from the inside. Roof trusses depend significantly on its core material strength, which water will eventually weaken. Moisture forces rot to set inside. If you've previously encountered water damage, you'll likely need the help of Tamarack Lumber and other suppliers for well-manufactured trusses.

Insect Infestation

Even if it's lightly damp and the resin has protected your roof trusses in Ontario from rotting, insects can potentially find both resin and the wood appetising with the presence of moisture. Tap the roof trusses and check their integrity. If you've discovered termites or other insects nesting themselves near your trusses, it's a clear sign that it needs immediate replacement.

Outdated Design

While not a sign of rotting or structurally-unsound trusses, outdated designs are a structural engineering problem. New roofing materials exacerbate roof truss design failure because of the former's weight bearing down much more than the latter can take. In doing so, it requires replacement or else it could potentially pose as a hazard.

More Than 30 Years Old

If your roof truss is over 30 years old, it warrants an immediate replacement. It's highly likely that their resins have come off. Furthermore, the wood has endured numerous expansion and contraction cycles that it requires a load-bearing check.

Make Sure To Source Only The Best Trusses Available

If you have yet to find well-manufactured roofing trusses to replace your existing ones, you won't need to look too far. Tamarack Lumber is Canada's best supplier of timber and roof trusses nationwide. Contact us today to learn more!