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4 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Roof Trusses

November 06, 2020

Roof trusses are vital to the structural integrity of homes. These trusses use tough and dense wood to prop up the roof and carry its roofing materials. Depending on your roof, you may need denser truss materials that have more tension-specific designs. However, even the best-manufactured roof trusses can age and weaken over time.


Here are four clear signs it's time to replace your trusses: 


Water Damage

It's easy to overlook small leaks that your roof underlayment and attic absorbs. However, those leaks can result in extreme water flow that causes roof truss damage. If your roof recently suffered water damage, it's best to have roof specialists inspect your trusses for possible damages.


Extreme Rotting

Small leaks in your roof and underlayment serve as vehicles for microorganisms on your roof to enter your attic. With moisture and nourishment from your roof truss' organic wood materials, these organisms can turn into spores, causing health problems for homeowners. Plus, you'll have weaker trusses if the trusses have suffered through long-term extreme wood rotting.


Wood Warping

Homeowners who replaced their roofing materials with denser materials such as slate tiles may notice their trusses bending and becoming out of shape. If your wood starts to warp, it might be due to this or extreme changes in heat or cold. This occurrence is not atypical, but some wood trusses might not go back to normal. As such, you'll need to replace them to maintain your roof's integrity. 


Dense Roofing Replacement Materials

Slate, standing seam metal roofing, and some dense clay tiles are heavy roofing materials. If you're shifting from asphalt shingles to any of the three roofing materials mentioned, you will need to check your roof trusses' capacity to support these new roofing materials.


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