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4 Types of Lumber for Your Roof Truss

August 13, 2021

A good roof truss is foundational to the stability of your house. To guarantee the strength of your roof truss, you will need the best possible lumber to accommodate different kinds of designs. Luckily, most types of lumber are well-suited for roof trusses.


In today’s blog, we discuss the different kinds of lumber that you should be paying attention to for your roof truss:



Hemlock has great resistance to different kinds of weather conditions. This makes them perfect roof trusses and moulding materials. However, homeowners have to contend with the wood's lack of scratch and dent resistance. Homeowners who plan to use hemlock will find it greatly affordable in bulk purchases. With that said, they'll want to have frequent professional roof truss inspection and maintenance to maximize lifespan and performance.



Most builders will likely recommend Douglas fir because of its exceptional hardness and value for money. Many homes across the country use Douglas fir because it's tough, long-lasting, and does not require frequent inspections and maintenance. We highly recommend having a well-thought out budget plan because fir is a huge investment.



This lumber is compatible with curved roof truss designs because it possesses great elasticity, strength, and durability. Spruce is much more expensive than other types of lumber because of these properties. However, unique-shaped roofs need to utilize spruce's uncommon capabilities and characteristics.



Homeowners with termite problems will find larch's high insect resistance the best for their roof trusses. In addition, it has top-notch resistance against moisture and storms and possesses a high level of fire resistance. Some properties use larch for external cladding or furniture because of its natural golden shade.


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