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4 Types of Roof Trusses Commonly Found in Toronto

May 30, 2022

Architecture has always been a constantly changing industry. Modern architecture has blended science and technology to come up with innovative and long-lasting building designs. One such example is roof trusses. Trusses have replaced traditional rafters to determine the shape of the roof and to create lightweight supporting frames.

It is also a cost-effective option. Roof Trusses in Toronto are about 30% cheaper than rafters. It mostly consists of three main parts: top chords, bottom chords and webbing. There are many types of roof trusses. Let us check them out below.

Types of roof trusses

King post truss:
King post trusses are made with minimum materials and involve a simple design. It is the most basic type of truss with the fewest members (two top chords, one bottom chord, a king post and two webbing chords). King post trusses can span 5 to 8 meters and are suitable for small projects.

Queen post truss:
Queen post trusses are somewhat similar to king post trusses but slightly expensive. The inclusion of an additional post and a straining beam is the key difference between the two. Queen post trusses can be used in residential constructions and larger projects, thanks to its reach which spans 8 to 12 meters.

Attic truss:
Attic trusses boast a span of 25 meters and are ideal for residential construction projects or adding lofted living space. While webbing often limits the attic space, attic trusses solve this issue with ease. This type of trusses is similar to queen post trusses with the space between the two vertical posts being the only major difference.

Scissor truss:
If your plan on building vaulted ceilings then choosing scissor trusses is your best option. It helps you build high and aesthetic ceilings. However, scissor trusses are expensive compared to other types of trusses.

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