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4 Uncommon Roof Truss Designs and Types

January 07, 2021

Roof trusses are an integral roofing part. A property without one is at risk of a roof collapsing at any time. Roofers are able to give your roofs even more strength by using roofing materials such as slate tiles, combined with the strength of your roof truss.


Unique roofing shapes will require an efficient set of uncommon trusses, which we've listed below.


Double Pitch

For homes with an asymmetrically-shaped roof, double pitch engineered roof trusses are the best choice. It support the asymmetrical roofing designs. The right truss materials can support the heaviest roofing materials, such as clay and slate tiles.



Most Polynesian-style roofs, which feature a unique leaf-style low-slope and high-slope roofing combination, require duo-pitch roof trusses. Duo-pitch roofs have an exceptionally-powerful support structure enabling both low-slope and high-slope shapes to be propped up without any compromise to the load-bearing capacity.



For most residences, attics are negligible access points unless roofers need to inspect the roofing trusses once or twice a year. However, if you have a direct stair or ladder access to your attic, it's best to use a room-in-attic roofing truss to prop up your conventional roof shape but have a square, building-style room. Some homeowners prefer this as storage areas, while some use them as spare rooms. With the right roof truss, you will be able to hang out comfortably in your attic without worry of instability.



Barnhouse-style roofing shapes aren't a popular roofing choice for residential property owners or buyers. However, it does have a unique personality and niche audience. If you prefer a Gambrel-style roof shape, carefully-engineered gambrel roof trusses are suitable for your needs.


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