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5 Advantages of Wooden Roof Truss Designs

June 30, 2022

Many factors like convenience, aesthetics, and durability, must be considered before constructing a house. This is why wooden roof truss designs have earned popularity among homeowners and interior designers alike. They are highly preferred over traditional rafters due to their many benefits.

There are many varieties of roof truss designs and each design has its pros and cons. Roof trusses can be made of metal or wood. However, wood is the most common material used in the manufacturing of trusses. Learn about various advantages of wooden roof truss designs in this blog.

5 Advantages of Wooden Roof Truss Designs


Wood is a natural resource and is available in abundance. They are sturdy, durable and provide longevity. Wood is a renewable resource and environment friendly as they produce no onsite waste. 
Easily customizable:
Wooden roof truss designs are easily customizable compared to metal trusses. Wood can be cut and placed as per the requirement. On the other hand, metal trusses require heavy cutting and welding tools. 
Truss designs made of wood are lightweight which makes them easy to transport and fix. Moreover, they can be lifted and fixed at the desired place without the use of heavy lifting machines. This feature also makes the job of framing complex truss designs easier for engineers.
Easy maintenance:
Maintaining wooden trusses is far easier than metal trusses. Any damage to wooden truss designs can be identified and repaired without much hassle. Maintaining a wooden truss is simple, can be done faster and saves a lot of cost as opposed to metal trusses.
Wooden truss designs give interior designers more space to work inside the building. This helps in producing more unique fixtures and innovative designs for homes. Furthermore, wood can be cut to the desired shape and frame with ease, allowing interior designers to explore more design elements. Whether traditional or modern style, wooden trusses are second to none when it comes to being aesthetic.
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