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5 Easy Steps to Find The Perfect Wood Mouldings in Toronto

October 20, 2020

Wood mouldings in Toronto are an essential part of residential interior design. To ensure that they fit right into your rooms' measurements and aesthetics and you always have enough materials for your projects, there are some key steps you should follow.

Here are five easy steps to help you find the ideal wood mouldings in no time: 

A Cohesive Finish

When choosing wood mouldings in Toronto, do a comparison test between the different interior walls you intend to install them in. If you have existing moulds in other spots of the house, check if they are painted, varnished, ornate, or plain. It's important to consider having a cohesive, singular finish style. 

Accurate Measurements

Measure the thickness of your existing wood mouldings. Make sure to take note of these measurements alongside a rough room sketch inclusive of its dimensions as per your tape measure. In addition, it's possible you might need baseboards and crown mouldings, so take note of them as well. 

Proper Cost Estimations

Hardware stores or calling dependable manufacturers for wood mouldings in Toronto such as us at Tamarack Lumber can give you proper cost estimates of the different materials you'll need to match the trim of your home. Doing so helps you manage your finances before you even make the first material purchases.

Take Some Spare Liberties

When budgeting, take liberties in buying a spare length of moulding if you intend to cut or modify them as you install them. About an additional 10% to half the measure of the original measurements should give you enough material even if you end up with erroneous cuts.

Only Work With Trusted Manufacturers

You may find that you come across a plethora of wood mouldings manufacturers with a single Google search. However, it's crucial to only work with those that have decades of experience, impeccable shipping capabilities, and high-quality manufactured moulds such as us at Tamarack Lumber.

You Won't Need to Look Too Far For a Dependable Company

If you've yet to find a company you can work with, you can count on us at Tamarack Lumber. We ship anywhere in the GTA on time and produce only the best mouldings for your home. Contact us today!