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5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Lumber

August 31, 2022

Engineers and interior designers choose lumber for their projects for many reasons. They are lightweight compared to steel and concrete beams and are ideal for small projects. However, it is recommended to source your timber from a reputed supplier like Tamarack's lumber yard in Mississauga. Make sure you also consider these factors before choosing your lumber. 

5 Factors To Consider Before Choosing Your Lumber

Low-quality, weak lumber can result in serious accidents like collapsing. It is important to invest in high-grade lumber to avoid such mishaps. Good quality lumber provides immense sturdiness and load-bearing capacity. 

The lumber must be able to withstand harsh weather conditions like rain and snow. Make sure the lumber you choose is durable and not prone to deterioration as it will be a hassle to change the lumber from time to time. Durable lumber will hold your structure together for decades.

The shade:
A darker shade indicates a lumber's impressive tensile strength. A solid wood light in colour generally tends to be softer and weaker beyond the requirement. 
The lumber chosen by you must be flexible enough to be able to achieve the desired shape while providing strength and sturdiness. Light timbers are generally pliable, but they tend to break under pressure. Always go for heavy timbers that can also be beaten to the desired shape. This quality is crucial if you are looking to build roof trusses out of them.
Low absorption:
Water and moisture can kill your timber from the inside, causing risky conditions for the structure. Low absorption of water and moisture is one of the most significant characteristics of fine-quality lumber.
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