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5 Great Ways to Choose the Best Roof Truss Designs For Your Home

December 28, 2020

 Every new homeowner and roof remodeler must choose the perfect roof truss designs. This decision affects the interior and exterior aesthetics of a property. Truthfully, before reaching a roof truss design decision, you and the roofer must have finalized the roofing materials, building shape, and these five factors. 


Load-Bearing Capacity

All roof truss designs follow the roof shape. Therefore, special truss designs exist for gables, scissors, gambrel, bungalows, and other shapes available in the market. Each of these designs have their respective load-bearing requirements. In this light, the roof truss design's load-bearing capacity is extremely vital.

Attic Interior Space

If you're planning to make your attic an accessible storage from your highest floor, it's critical to have adequate interior space. The right roof truss designs can support both interior ceiling and roof underlayment plus materials over the roof. In doing so, you have sufficient roof attic space for storage.

Roof Materials

Load-bearing truss designs change depending on the roofing materials you choose. For example, you'll need trusses that use wood capable of lifting up slate tiles for long periods. Slate is a naturally-occurring roofing stone with renowned density, which adds to its weight.

Additional Features To Include

In snowy areas across Canada, having roof trusses with double or triple carrying capacity lifting the roofing material plus ice-dam preventative electric wires or frames to melt the ice will be necessary. If you have additionally-preferred roof or attic features, you'll need trusses that can lift your roofing material.

Dependable Roofers and Installation Companies

Lastly, it's imperative to work with reliable roofers with certification to install your roof trusses and roofs. Manufacturers have their list of favourable roofing installation, repair, and replacement companies, helping you get warranties on both materials and labour. 

It's Easy to Find the Best Trusses With The Right Supplier

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