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5 Hallmarks of Engineered Roof Trusses

May 19, 2021

In the past, there were different practices when it came to building roof support structures. As you've guessed, some methods worked while some miserably failed. Nowadays, we've standardized the procedures, allowing all homeowners to enjoy excellent roofing with engineered roof trusses.   


Here are five major improvements of engineered roof trusses:


Following Accepted Engineering Practices

Manufacturers of engineered roof trusses have studied, researched, and produced countless product iterations to achieve the best products. You can trust that you're using excellent trusses from the quality of the raw material to the load bearing strength of the trusses.


Official Standardization and Certifications

Virtually every local government in the world requires contractors to work with certified engineered roof trusses. Accuracy and precision in form, density, and weight-carrying capacity are essential in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. A contractor and homeowner's failure to utilize engineer-stamped trusses and other components can result in severe penalties.


Accuracy of Design and Measurements

If you're not working with an engineer, it can be difficult to figure out specific truss dimensions. These specifications include truss slope, depth, span, and spacing. Additionally, you'll have to figure out the building's truss joint locations, reaction forces, and all other technical information building officials require, and this process is much easier when you are working with professionals.


Safety for All

In many countries, all homeowners and property owners must work with a building designer in preparing plans and other documents. Building officials have the authority to cancel or disqualify any project that has no involved building engineer and designer. This is because engineered roof trusses have to follow all the aforementioned standards to ensure safety for the home’s inhabitants.


Individual Truss Stamps

If you're looking for engineered trusses with professional stamps and approval for individual trusses, you can use Tamarack Lumber and other high-quality suppliers. These manufacturers have worked with countless engineering specialists to achieve the best product results possible. Contact us today at Tamarack Lumber to learn more about everything that we can do for you!