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5 Modern Crown Moulding Designs and Ideas

August 19, 2022

Crown moulding is a type of trim used for interior decorative purposes. It is a detailing added to the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling. Crown moulding is a relatively cheaper way to achieve an upscale interior. Crown mouldings are usually made of wood, PVC or medium-density fiberboard. There are endless options of modern crown moulding profiles and styles to choose from. Check out a few modern crown moulding design ideas in this blog.


5 Modern Crown Moulding Designs and Ideas


Concave modern crown moulding:
This is a straightforward design used by many interior designers. Concave mouldings are less distracting as they highlight clean lines. They offer a crisp white finish, contrasting with dark-coloured walls (usually gray).
Matching modern crown moulding:
Crown mouldings generally contrast with the wall and the ceiling. However, matching modern crown mouldings is exactly the opposite. This is one of the most robust ideas executed by interior designers. In this design, the colour of the crown moulding matches the wall or the roof.
Monochromatic modern crown moulding:
Monochromatic applications are gorgeous! Many interior designers recommend going monochromatic with the designs due to their simplicity and aesthetics. The same idea applies to mouldings as well. Monochromatic crown mouldings keep the space modern and provide a fresh look.
High-contrast modern crown moulding:
This type of crown moulding is exactly the opposite of its monochromatic and matching crown counterparts. High-contrast trims stand out from the coloured walls and ceilings. They are ideal for modern boho decor.
Extra-large crown moulding:
Extra-large or thick crown mouldings blend well with a polished decor. It is a different approach to traditional crown mouldings that are otherwise thin and sleek.
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