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5 Uncommon Roof Trusses

November 12, 2021

Some of the most common roof truss designs include King, Queen, and Fink trusses. However, certain homeowners may want to go for more unconventional or uncommon designs. Thankfully, roof truss manufacturers and designers are always coming up with creative new designs to keep things interesting.


Here are some rare roof truss types you may want to go for:


Raised Tie
Raised tie trusses are a type of roof that is made from beams and girders connected at their ends and tied together with rods and struts. They are an older design that is more popular with traditional style homes for an extra dose of nostalgia and style.


The arched roof truss is a beam with a triangle-shaped cross piece. It is a simple, lightweight structure that can span long distances and support heavy loads. Its key feature is that it creates a triangle, or a network of triangles, in the structure.


Hammer Beam
A hammer beam truss is a structural element composed of two curved suspended beams that form a triangular shape. The curvature in the beams creates tension and compresses the other parts of the roof that reinforce structural integrity.


A Tasman truss is a truss-type bridge formed by connecting two rigid triangles and connecting their bases. The truss is in the shape of a triangle. It has two bases and three sides. It can be designed to be used as a bridge. This structure allows homeowners to have thinner walls and ceilings than otherwise would be possible. This also allows for more natural light to come in, as well as easier access for building maintenance.


Cruck Trusses
A cruck roof truss is a type of wooden truss common in European timber-framing, consisting of a rectangular main beam connected by a pair of curved side beams. These curved beams are connected to a triangular-shaped top plate.



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