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6 Tips To Reinforce Your Roof Trusses

August 11, 2022

Rafters have been replaced by roof trusses due to the multitude of advantages they have. Apart from being economical and aesthetic, roof trusses have proven to be durable and incredibly strong. However, if you live in areas that experience rough weather, like strong winds, heavy rain or snowfall, then you might need some extra reinforcements to make your trusses stronger. Check out a few tips on how to reinforce your roof trusses in this blog.


6 Tips To Reinforce Your Roof Trusses

Use construction adhesive:
Applying construction adhesive along the edges of your roof trusses will strengthen their connection to the roof deck. Apply the adhesive as you would caulk.
Connect trusses to walls:
Walls provide great support, so you must make the most of it to secure your roof trusses, especially against strong winds. Connect trusses to walls wherever possible. 
Stiffen trusses:
Stiffen your wood trusses by joining them with extra webs that run from one end of the house to the other.
Clean the gutters regularly:
Make sure you clean the gutters and downspouts to prevent clogging and ensure quick draining of the water. Clogged water can damage the wooden roof truss over time.
Remove TV or satellite antennas:
Take off TV or satellite antennas from the roof to avoid water seeping through the holes and weakening the roof truss. Use galvanized flashing to cover the hole. 
Check for loose or damaged shingles:
Check for any sort of damage throughout the roof, especially shingles at the eaves. Glue them with cement or simply replace them if beyond repair. This will ensure the strength of your roof and will assist in enduring harsh weather.
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