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6 Types of Decorative Wood Moulding For Your Home

July 14, 2022

Decorative wood mouldings are a great way to add character and style to your home. There are many different types of mouldings available, each with its own unique look. Tamarack Lumber Inc., a trusted provider of mouldings in Oakville, brings forth six of the most popular types of mouldings that you can use to dress up your home. 


6 Types of Decorative Wood Moulding For Your Home


Door and window casings:
Door and window casings are one of the most common types of mouldings used for home decor. Typically made from wood or PVC and are used to frame doors and windows. Door and window casings can be plain or ornate, depending on your personal style.
Skirting boards:
Skirting boards are another type of moulding made of wood or PVC. They are commonly used in interior decor. Skirting boards are used to cover the bottom of the walls and can be easily painted with the colour of your choice.
Crown mouldings:
Crown mouldings are highly-preferred when it comes to decorating the tops of doors and you require them in a variety of styles. Crown mouldings can be simple or elaborate.
Picture rails:
You can go for picture rails moulding if your requirement is to hang pictures without hammering a nail to your wall. They are mostly fixed alongside crown mouldings.
Dado rails:
Dado rails are a type of moulding that is used to decorate the lower part of walls. Apart from serving aesthetic purposes, dado rails also protect your wall from scratches caused due to movable furniture.
Cove mouldings:
Cove mouldings are almost similar to crown moulding. However, unlike crown moulding, cove moulding has a concave-type profile which makes it useful as a corner guard or to hide joints. It can also be used on stairs.
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