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6 Types Of Roof Trusses

October 14, 2021

Roof trusses are more popular than rafters because they’re cheaper, convenient, and incredibly versatile. Roof materials and underlayments are durable under different weather conditions when you use the correct roof trusses for your home in Ontario. You can select roof truss designs depending on the property's roof shape and size. 

Six Common Types Of Roof Trusses


Almost every residence in Ontario uses king post trusses because they can prop up any basic roof shape. It uses the fewest members of trusses, i.e., two top chords, a central vertical post (king post), one bottom chord, and two webbing chords. The ‘king’ post in the middle usually balances the load throughout the frame. Most small-scale projects use two or three king post trusses.


These truss shapes are like king post trusses. However, they use two posts instead of a singular post and have a simple and sturdy design. Besides, a straining beam in the centre shares the load-bearing balance throughout the entire frame. However, the queen post trusses are slightly more expensive than the king posts because they use more planks and are primarily used for large-scale projects.


Finks use fewer materials than queen trusses but adapt the same principles by using angles shaped like a ‘W’. They guarantees an excellent load-bearing capacity at a fantastic price point. However, poorly designed fink trusses can cause significant problems midway into the project. These trusses are considered one of the most economical trusses available.


These trusses look like queen trusses and use the same principles of double-post and straining bars. However, their king-queen hybrid design supports high-pitched roofs, allowing attic access to homeowners nearly as broad as rafters provide.


While being one of the most expensive roof trusses, gables ensure stability with multiple vertical trusses and serve as the end cap for the roof. Most gables cost about 25-40% more than standard roof trusses.


Vaulted ceilings require unique, non-post trusses called scissors. These maximize headroom, giving your home a church-roof-like aesthetic perfect for a barn or interiors with no-ceiling. The best part about scissors roof truss is that it provides a uniform look and appears great from the outside.

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