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A Guide To Roof Truss Designs, Types & Cost

September 23, 2022

Roof trusses have grown in popularity and they have replaced traditional rafters over time. However, with rising utilization, homeowners are faced with many doubts. Tamarack Lumber Inc. boasts decades of experience in building and supplying roof trusses to a large base of clients. In this blog post, we will help you understand the basic roof truss designs, types and the costs involved.

Everything You Need To Know About Roof Truss Designs, Types & Cost

Types of designs:
The appearance of a roof truss is determined by its chords, structure, shape and size. Utilizing these elements differently gives different types of roof truss designs. The most common types of truss designs include pole barn truss, king post truss, double pitch profile truss, scissor truss, and hip truss.

How are they made?
Trusses are known for their lightweight and sturdiness. This is because they are made of wood. Yellow pine, red cedar, and cypress are some of the common types of wood used to make trusses. You can also talk to your supplier regarding any specific requests. Trusses are made after the engineer notes down important measurements and decide the shape and size of the members. Then, these pieces are joined together using webbing. 
How much do trusses cost?
As a homeowner, the cost involved is arguably the biggest doubt that you may have. However, there is no specific answer to this. The cost depends upon various factors like the type of wood, the roof truss design, the truss provider, the location and size of the house, and the quantity of timber used. It is recommended to speak to an expert for the estimates. Remember that trusses are crucial for a stable construction, hence any cheap materials or shortcuts might be risky. On the other hand, there is also no need to pay more than what's needed. 
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