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A Roof You Can Truss!

December 31, 2018

The roof truss in an integral element in the engineering of any structure. A truss is a structure typically made from wood with straight pieces that create triangles in order to support a load. Trusses provide additional crucial structural benefits to homes and buildings. Roof trusses in Ontario provide a structural foundation to provide support for the roof of a building.

Today we will discuss the additional benefits a roof truss offers to the structural capacity of a building.


Provides Roof Stability

 As the name suggests, a roof truss provides stability for the roof of a structure. A structure without a roof leaves the structure below open to the elements, effectively rendering pretty useless. Trusses work to provide stability to roofs that shields the building below.


Provides Safe and Sturdy Structure

A truss system designed by professionals were ensure long-standing structural stability. Modern engineered roof trusses can replace older trusses that may hinder the structural integrity of the building. Opting for a pre-manufactured roof truss in Ontario made to the unique specifications of the building are a better option than building on-site – leaving the project to face less favorable weather conditions.  Pre-manufactured roof tresses are made in-house, unexposed to less favorable weather and moisture conditions.


Provides a More Cost and Time Efficient Option

Roof trusses tend to be more cost efficient than standard roof framing as they do not take as long to manufacture, thus reducing the cost of labor. Trusses can also be installed in one day, which is ideal for the construction project timeline.


Provides a More Creative and Flexible Option

Trusses can allow for any custom roof design and shape possible. This allows for more creative leeway, making for a more distinct building design.


Identify The Truss You Need

In sum, it is evident that roof trusses are the way to go compared to conventional roof framing systems. Roof trusses in Ontario offer more stability for the roof, boost the structural stability of a building, and allows for more flexibility and creative leeway in the overall design of the roof.