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Achieving your Dream Roof Truss in 3 Easy Steps

May 24, 2021

When it comes to constructing homes, one of the key elements is the roof. Many homeowners or developers seek out lumber suppliers in order to obtain the best materials for a roof truss. However, it does not only come down to the strength of the material. Achieving the right home design also requires thought to be put into the roof truss design. Thankfully, not only are there a plethora of functional and aesthetically pleasing designs to choose from, reliable roof truss suppliers such as Tamarack Lumber also make the process easy and convenient.


At Tamarack Lumber, we will help you realize your ideal roof truss design.


1. Consultation

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when it comes to designing roof trusses. Designs should cater to your specific building. There are many different kinds of configurations, such as triangular designs with vertical pitches, parallel designs for deep roofs, and trapezoidal designs for a hybrid-type roof. As such, it is important to consult extensively with your roof truss designer before embarking on any plans.


2. Design Process

Tamarack Lumber has established a reputation of manufacturing and realizing roof truss designs accurately and in good time. Simply provide us with the design or blueprints for your construction project. Our experts will look over the designs and provide advice if needed, and if not, we will work together with your contractors to bring your plans to life.


3.  Planning

Another crucial step in the roof truss design process is the planning of all the logistics, timeframes, and budgeting. We will work carefully to accommodate you and ensure that you are well-informed of the process. We will only begin manufacturing the trusses when all parties have approved our specifications and plans. We will work with the material you choose and cut and assemble the wood according to your final plans.


You can be rest assured that your roof truss manufacturing is in good hands with Tamarack Lumber. Call us today for more information on our services!