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An Overview Of Tamarack's Lumber Yard in Burlington

July 06, 2022

Lumber is the backbone of the construction industry across Canada. Lumber has gained popularity among builders and contractors due to its many advantages. It is cost-effective and also provides strength and durability. It serves many domestic and industrial applications.

Lumber is a renewable material and is found in abundance. However, the quality of the lumber depends upon the provider. Tamarack Lumber Inc. boasts a fully-fledged lumber yard in Burlington that possesses top-quality timber. Sourcing wood from our lumber yard will help you accomplish your construction project. 

Here's An Overview Of Our Lumber Yard in Burlington 


Variety of products:
Our expansive facility in Burlington has got all sorts of lumber that fit your requirement. Reach out to us if you are looking for lumber planks or beams. Furthermore, our experts can also provide you with customized lumber suitable for your project. 
Timely Delivery:
Tamarack Lumber Inc. takes extra measures to fulfil timely delivery. We are a part of the Alpa Lumber Group of companies and have a wide reach for delivering products from our lumber yard. We have highly-efficient delivery partners that guarantee delivery across the GTA.
Customer relationship:
We at Tamarack Lumber Inc. take care of our clients' requirements right from the first step to the last. Our customer service experts are ever-ready to help you with your queries. You can inquire about products and services, and discuss custom requirements, and delivery details.
Large Clientele:
Tamarack Lumber Inc. has been the provider of quality timber since 1973. Our wide range of products, quality service and timely delivery have helped us develop a large and satisfied client base. Along with providing dedicated attention to each of our clients, we believe in forging long-term relationships with them.
Tamarack's lumber yard in Burlington houses only the best quality wood. Contact us to source the best-in-class timber for your project. We assure quality and timely assistance.