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Attaining the Most Suitable Roof Truss Design

October 06, 2020

Choosing a material for the roof must be done once the purpose of the building or structure has been determined and it is crucial that the stress value never exceeds its limit - otherwise, it will result in it eventually collapsing. This is very important as the pitch of a roof depends heavily on the truss. The builders therefore have to consider multiple roof truss designs that offer a solution to every project requirement. One option in building roofs is building them on-site where carpenters will fix plates and cut the rafters to the required length to construct the structure --  while this is an acceptable way of building houses, it tends to be more complex and requires manual measurements. 


How is the building process being simplified?

Fortunately, prefabricated roof truss designs nowadays are now addressing this issue of complexity and are working to make the building process much easier and faster. They can now be lifted and craned easily and can be easily customized according to your particular requirements -- this is how the designs serve as the most simplified way of roofing. The design you want must follow the layout that has been prepared originally. Once this is done, the external load can be measured and this usually includes the load of the truss. The specific timber of your design is dependent on the shape of your structure. 

The various designs include king post truss, queen post truss, howe truss, scissors truss, raised heel truss, flat slope truss, and many more. Typically, roofs that are longer and wider need more trusses to complete. As an example, the number of rafters required to make shed roof trusses often requires twice the number of trusses usually used. This type of roof truss is easier to install than other designs requiring just the use of nails and glues and is very common among houses. 


Usually flat roof truss designs are widely used in commercial buildings and warehouses as they have spans of not much high range. Whatever design it is that you desire, Tamarack Lumber would be thrilled to assist you in getting the most appropriate design for your roof truss.