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Basic Things You Should Know About the Engineered Roof Truss

May 25, 2020

 When it comes to the construction of a residential property, there are certain components that cannot be overlooked. Structural components like a strong foundation, load-bearing walls, and a sturdy roof system must work in tandem to ensure that the structural integrity of the home is able to withstand the test of time. Engineered roof trusses in particular, play an essential role in the construction of residential structures. 

Engineered roof trusses must be able to provide stability, durability, and protection, which is why they must be manufactured by truss design experts to yield quality results. 

Constructing roof trusses are no easy feat, and require the skills of an experienced carpenter to produce high-performance results. Engineered roof trusses must be designed and manufactured to ensure that the weight of the roof is evenly distributed. Trusses must also be able to effectively accommodate the design of the interior while still maintaining strength and durability within the roofing system. 

The roof trusses of today are designed using software that enables carpenters to spatially plan out what the roof truss will look like based on project specifications. Using roof truss design software allows for a more seamless and efficient way for carpenters to designate and configure truss components before executing the design in real life.

When choosing the materials to use when manufacturing a roof truss, timber has maintained itself as the go-to choice. Timber trusses are easier to manufacture, and do not produce as much waste as other popular truss materials. Timber is also the more cost-effective choice, and does not compensate in its ability to maintain great strength and durability, despite being the more economical option. 


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