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Benefits of Using Oak for Roof Trusses

August 06, 2021

As the knowledge about the natural properties of oak continues to become more widespread, it has become quite clear that only very few materials can compete with its qualities and sustainability. Naturally, this lumber is widely known for its reputation as a premium wood, which is the reason why it is priced a bit costlier than other options. This is pretty justified given the benefits that oak provides as a material for roof trusses and other building materials. Once installed, it may never require replacement and can outlast any other material for many years.


Here are the amazing advantages of using this wood for roof trusses.



With its natural and traditional beauty, oak brings great aesthetic qualities to a space where it is being used. In older buildings, especially the ones with existing timber frames, oak is a perfect complement. Oak has a natural golden, soft hue which brings warmth and comfort to any space, allowing light to disperse around the room.



When used in roof trusses, oak also brings its natural strength and hardness to the table. This is why it is a perfect material for carrying the weight of a building or any structure. The design of roof trusses relies on putting tension between the chords, and the sturdiness of oak can greatly resist this.



When it comes to durability, oak is also a great option because it is one of the most durable hardwoods, unmatched by very few tropical varieties. Oak is more resistant resistant to all the great three enemies of wood: water, pests, and fire, compared to other woods.


Less Environmental Impact

Finally, another great benefit of using oak for a roof truss is its reduced environmental impact because it can absorb carbon very well. Combined with the careful replanting and sustainable management of oak, this material is the best option for sustainability. And of course, its longevity also makes it an even more desirable material.


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