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Building Quality Roof Truss Designs

December 12, 2019

Roof trusses play an essential role in maintaining the structural integrity of our homes and the buildings we frequent on a daily basis. Roof trusses have effectively revolutionized residential construction development, allowing for flexibility in design and shape without compromising on stability and support.

To ensure quality results, Tamarack Lumber begins with quality roof truss designs. We design our roof trusses in accordance with project needs to ensure long-term results. In today’s blog we’ll identify a few factors to consider when crafting quality truss designs.


Roof Structure


One of the largest benefits in opting for roof truss design is in its flexibility to meet the needs of more complex, or uniquely structured buildings. The role of the truss designer is to work in correspondence with the project specifications in figuring out how to approach constructing the roof truss.


Assessing Pressure Analysis


An experienced truss designer will also take into consideration the load and amount of pressure in which your roof truss must support. The roof truss should effectively support the load of the roof by design. This is an important part of roof truss design, as a stable and durable roof truss will mitigate any risk of roof collapse.


Securing Knots and Buckles


Trusses are fastened directly to the load bearing wall studs using buckles, straps, or knots. Fastener placement and strength are other factors to consider when it comes to securing the roof truss. Most building codes will also require that installers fasten hurricane tie brackets in the event of high winds, to prevent the roof from dislodging from the building.


In need of quality roof crafted roof trusses?


Tamarack Lumber offers years of experience in the design and manufacture of roof trusses. We begin by working with project plans based on the architectural drawings before drafting a quote. Once approved, we work on converting the initial plans into production drawings for our team to work from. Our engineered roof trusses are then manufactured, packaged, and shipped to the project site at the convenience of the contractor. If you’re in need of roof trusses, call Tamarack Lumber today! We’d be happy to help bring your roof to life.