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Comparing Different Materials for Mouldings

November 20, 2019

Mouldings play a significant role in tying a home’s finished look together. In general, wood mouldings are the most popular, with homeowners looking for only the best provider of wood mouldings in Toronto to outfit their homes. 


Within the category of wood mouldings, there are different materials that can be used. In today’s blog, we provide a breakdown of these different materials.


Solid Wood

If you want a versatile material that you can stain, paint, and rough saw to come up with different finishes, choose solid wood. Even without tampering much with it, the natural look of wood makes it a perfect option if you want a more rustic design. When it comes to durability, hardwood moldings rarely split or warp over time. Furthermore, wood is a renewable resource making it a great option if you want to use an eco-friendly material. Do bear in mind that solid wood mouldings are more expensive compared to other materials.  Oak and poplar are good options that are sold by providers of wood mouldings in Toronto such as Tamarack Lumber.


Joint Pine

Another versatile material is joint pine. Its natural appearance looks like that of wood but it is cheaper. Since joint pine mouldings are treated, warping is not an issue. As a softwood, joint pine is easier to nail and install compared to hardwood. However, the visible joints of joint pine moldings need to be coated with a dark-colored stain.


Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF)

The cheapest moldings are those made from medium density fibreboard. MDF moldings are made from engineered wood products making it softer and easier to work with. Different finishes are also available making it versatile as well. However, the biggest drawback of MDF mouldings is they can easily absorb water. As such, they need to be coated properly to protect them from moisture, water, and other liquids. 


Tamarack Lumber is your go-to lumber supplier for any wood-related building materials. We fabricate doors, columns, sidings, roof trusses, and wood moldings in Toronto. No matter your choice of material, you can bet that we will only provide you with the best products.