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Crown Mouldings - the Smart Investment for Home Owners

October 24, 2019

When hedging your bets for home renovation projects, you would be remiss if crown mouldings in Toronto weren’t a consideration in your design arsenal.


When used in conjunction with other architectural projects around the home, these mouldings act as the centrepiece to your ‘crowning’ achievement.


As with any remodelling project, there are a few concerns that may enter your mind. Let’s discuss some of the more prominent apprehensions towards crown mouldings:


Do Crown Mouldings Make Your Room Look Smaller?

A natural concern for those confined within rooms that are smaller in stature is that adding more bulk to their ceiling can serve to compound on this issue. You may be surprised to know this is to the contrary, provided you have your wits about you when it comes to the moulding type and colour.


When picking a crown moulding for a petite room, you’ll want to ensure you stick to a moulding with a width of 2-4”. Crown mouldings wider than 6” are only recommended for rooms with ceilings higher than 12’.


For the colour, there are some tricks at your disposal to create the illusion of space. For example, a paint that is identical to the one on your wall will have a blending effect and not draw attention to where the limits of your ceiling exist.


Will a Crown Moulding Increase House Value?

In terms of a cost-benefit analysis, crown mouldings in Toronto are some of the most straightforward renovations you can implement to see a return on investment. This is because it gives the interior of your home a decorative flair that potential buyers/appraisers can associate with your house when under consideration.


However, precaution must be practiced. It is essential that you take the styling of the crown moulding into consideration. The range of crown mouldings at Tamarack Lumber has been designed to give you complete reign on the look of your house by way of our extensive catalogue; a crown moulding in Toronto for any occasion, from simple to ornate wooden designs. No matter where you find yourself in the GTA, our comprehensive shipping methods are sure to keep your project on track!