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Crown Mouldings Vs. Mouldings

July 23, 2019


Unless you’re an architectural enthusiast you likely haven’t put much thought into the difference between crown mouldings and regular old mouldings in Toronto.

You’ve probably heard both terms in isolation, or together – possibly when flipping the channel and coming across a home-reno show. Either way, there will come a time where you’ll need to know the difference, whether that be when you’re standing in a lumber yard trying to figure out what type of moulding would look best in your home, or if you straight up need to replace the old ones in your home.


Today we discuss the differences between crown mouldings and regular mouldings in Toronto.


What’s the difference between crown mouldings and regular mouldings?


Put simply, crown mouldings refer to a specific type of moulding whereas regular mouldings is more of an umbrella term attributed to all mouldings in general. The term “mouldings” is meant to describe any sort of trim found inside the home, whereas “crown moulding” is meant to describe ceiling trim.


Do crown mouldings just serve a decorative purpose?


Initially, crown mouldings were installed in homes for functional utility. It was only later on that crown mouldings would become desirable as a decorative element in people’s homes. The functional purpose to crown mouldings was to conceal the gaps where different building materials would come together. As time went on crown mouldings became more elegant – adding a subtle level of visual intrigue to a particular room.


Are there different types of crown mouldings?


When it comes to selecting one type of crown moulding, the options are endless! Crown mouldings have been around since the time of the Greeks and Romans – with different variation and trend occurring as history went on. From Greek Revival to Classic Colonial, there are hundreds of options to choose from in an array of materials, colours, and styles.


Where can I found crown mouldings in Toronto?


If you’re looking for state-of-the-art wood mouldings look no further than Tamarack Lumber! We offer a large range of wood and crown mouldings to choose from. Regardless of specificity of taste, there is definitely an option for everyone! Call us today to learn more about our wood mouldings products.