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Design Choices for Mouldings in Oakville

June 21, 2021

Intricate and elaborate mouldings in Oakville are an amazing element commonly found in classic homes. However, there is a misconception that wood mouldings will be out of place in modern homes. With that said, designers and homeowners both agree that mouldings are still stylish and elegant, no matter the design style of your home. In fact, they can bring great subtle aesthetics even to modern spaces, adding an extra dose of luxury to your home.


There are different designs for mouldings in Toronto that are pretty simple and can perfectly suit your modern style.


When it comes to ceiling mouldings, there are two primary options. One is artistic crown mouldings. They have a layered and decorative design that builds up high towards your ceiling. The other option is cove mouldings. Depending on your preferences, cove mouldings can provide a subtle effect that spans the junction of the wall and the ceiling. You can make it blend with the colour of your wall by painting it with the same tone. Or, you can also opt for a thick or oversized cove moulding with elegant details that won’t overpower the overall design of the room but just add another decorative element to it.


In terms of baseboards, you also have plenty of choices. If you prefer a more interesting design, consider having a flush baseboard with a shadow line, also called a reveal or gap, that runs along the top of baseboards. It slightly separates the baseboards from the beginning line of the walls, giving it a little more detail. Another option is raised base mouldings. They are four inches tall, but you can raise them to six inches. Paired with baseboards, they can provide a much more customized and finished appeal to the space. If you want a streamlined finish, you can go for the simplest design: ultra-thin baseboards.


Whatever your preferences, there will always be a style to suit you. For more information on mouldings in Oakville, call Tamarack Lumber today.