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Developing an eye for when to replace your mouldings

March 06, 2020

There’s a lot to love about living in Toronto; however, one thing residents could do without is the fact that mouldings in Toronto can dilapidate faster than we would like if not following proper maintenance practices. 


Fresh ones installed several years ago? The unfortunate case is that they’ve most likely been afflicted with rotting, chipped paint, and a garish yellow hue. 

In such an event, you would be correct in thinking it's time to replace your mouldings. But are there perhaps other, more subtle, ways to know if it's time to get your mouldings replaced? Indeed there is – join us as we outline how: 

In use for over a decade

If you've had your moudings in Toronto installed for more than a decade, then you have cause for celebration as the manufacturer's service-life expectations turned out as expected. On average, though, this period of elapsed time is indicative that you are due to have your mouldings replaced when possible. Old mouldings leave much to be desired by way of aesthetics, especially for those quite particular about their property’s interior design. 

Experienced substantial water damage

Any properties with mouldings in Toronto that have faced significant roof leakage in the past may unknowingly be housed beneath unattended water damage – a cause for immediate replacement. Water gnaws away at wood moulding and the damages are irreversible, making it imperative to purchase a new, dependable set as soon as possible 

Sizable chipping from an accident

You may have been moving furniture or fixing a few ceiling pieces that ultimately led to chipping of a wood moulding section. Unfortunate events like are best rectified by replacement rather than repair. Many guides on wood moulding repairs exist and typically use clay or caulk, but we highly recommend using a custom wood moulder to recreate your previously-chipped wood moulding.

Reputable mouldings from dependable suppliers

If you're planning to have your wood mouldings replaced, make sure you work with dependable suppliers such as Tamarack Lumber. With decades of experience providing only the best lumber, we guarantee only the best results for all your needs. Contact us today!