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Different Roof Truss Designs to Consider

May 14, 2021

Selecting the right type of roof truss for your home or building can be quite challenging given the various options out there to consider. Despite this, however, the two most crucial things to take into account when choosing among various roof truss designs are functionality and aesthetics. The regular roof truss is defined by its triangular shape, but it can also come in various configurations. Each design has its own sets of pros and cons and is designed to meet certain applications. The specific design can also influence the shape and slope you may have for your roof.


Here are some roof truss designs to consider:


There are a wide variety of roof truss designs but the three major ones are the raised-heel roof truss design, scissor-style design, and parallel-chord roof truss. The raised-heel roof truss is mostly found in humid regions because it provides higher energy efficiency by producing an effective vapour barrier that reduces condensation issues. It can also offer a full-depth attic space as it can be designed to span a huge area. However, the cost of a raised-heel roof truss can go higher due to the additional insulation work and soffit siding it requires.


Conversely, the scissor-style roof truss design is often selected for buildings with cathedral style ceilings. This design option minimizes the need to utilize the bearing beam for support. Instead, the chords of this roof truss are lower and slope inward. Its main drawback is the needed insulation that can increase its cost.


Finally, among the three roof truss designs, the parallel-chord type has the simplest design but it’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional. On the other hand, thermal bridging may reduce the energy efficiency and the numerous wooden parts required make this option less preferable.


Each of these truss designs have their own unique style and sets of advantages and disadvantages. Selecting which one best suits your needs requires you to bear in mind some careful considerations and advice from professional experts.


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