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Different Wood Species Used for Mouldings

January 31, 2020

Wood mouldings are incredibly versatile, thanks to the many ways that you customize them to get the best fit for your home. Tamarack Lumber designs and installs wood mouldings in Toronto, and one of the most popular modifications we do is layering. With layered mouldings, you can combine two or more mouldings to enhance the scale of a bigger room.


The wood used for mouldings in Toronto come in a variety of species and densities.


Learning the differences in these materials will help you select the right one for your applications:


Oak - this wood is often derived from red or white oak, which is among the hardest and most durable wood species. They offer a great aesthetic and are easy to sand, cut, and finish. This wood can be stained to provide colouring.


Poplar – poplar is favoured by many designers because of its crisp grain lines and rich wood tones. It can easily accept paints and staining, making it perfect for wood mouldings.


Pine - this species has aesthetically appealing grain the lines with occasional knots to perfectly create interesting and rich textures. Thanks to their rustic look, they instantly add character to any space.


Fir - this wood species needs to be stained to bring its natural beauty. It offers two distinct grain patterns: a mixed grain that has coarse, wide and light to dark patterns, and vertical grain that has a tighter grain pattern but less colour variation.


Aspen - this wood species is a light softwood that has a finer, more uniform texture and straighter grain lines than those of hardwood. Mouldings made from aspen are commonly used in ornate trim profiles.


Apart from these woods, there are also other materials you can choose from, such as MDF, vinyl, and other engineered wood products. However, if you prefer a warm and organic aesthetic, nothing can beat natural materials. Get in touch with us today to get started on your designs for wood mouldings in Toronto!