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Everything You Need To Know About Roof Trusses

January 31, 2022

A roof truss is a structural framework that offers excellent load-bearing capacity. In addition, the unique triangular shape facilitates an even distribution of weight, ensuring that a truss absorbs weight without breaking. 

Such is the versatility of trusses that engineers use them in projects of varying sizes and nature. For example, in today's time, you will find trusses everywhere, from stadiums and auditoriums to commercial complexes and movie theatres.  



In this blog, we briefly discuss important facts you should know about roof trusses.


 Materials used for manufacturing roof trusses


Structural steel: The strength and durability of structural steel make it a preferred material for constructing trusses. With steel fabricators' help, engineers can get steel trusses delivered in the size and dimension they require. One of the features of structural steel that makes it popular for manufacturing trusses is that it is lightweight. 


Timber: Timber is a solid and eco-friendly material perfect for making trusses. Seasoned fir, yellow pine, and red cedar are some common timbers used for this purpose due to their many advantages. In addition, timber is widely preferred because it can be used to make open and closed trusses that demand minimal maintenance.


What are open and closed trusses?

Open truss

Simply put, open trusses are the ones that are not hidden by a ceiling. Open trusses are visible and often preferred by interior designers and architects for aesthetics. The presence of an interrupted tie beam or scissor truss is one of the distinct features of an open truss.


Closed truss

One of the significant features of a closed truss is the presence of a tie beam instead of an interrupted tie beam in an open truss. Closed trusses are not visible as a ceiling hides them. 


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