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Explaining the Costs Associated with Roof Trusses

July 26, 2021

Generally, roof trusses are not one of the more expensive elements of constructing a home. However, homeowners and builders alike may still want more information on how to budget for roof trusses. Generally, simple, unprocessed, and "cookie-cutter" roof trusses are much more affordable than their complex counterparts. However, high quality roof trusses do take into account more elements to improve durability.


Here is what is behind the cost of roof trusses:



Timber is a go-to material for many home builders because of its manageable weight, design flexibility, and reduced labour needs when it comes to complex roof designs. Generally, timber is much more affordable and has a faster turnaround time than other kinds of trusses.


Design Complexity

High quality roof trusses require dependable and consistent machining and processing quality. Generally, timber is preferred for complex designs because it is more affordable and does not require as much time to machine and process for much more complex designs due to its better design flexibility.


Property Size

The bigger your property, the more trusses you'll have to use. Naturally, this will result in more roof truss expenses. Once again, both material and design complexity will affect the total cost of your roof, with higher costs associated with bigger installation areas.


Installation Labour

Lastly, you'll need professionals to install your roof trusses. Steel trusses have much more mass and weight than timber, affecting labour speed if you're paying by the hour. Manufacturer-certified installation teams can give you a ballpark figure, but you can expect steel roof truss work to be far more expensive compared to a timber roof truss.


Get the Best Manufacturer and Installation Teams on the Job

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