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How Mouldings Can Transform Your Home

August 10, 2020


When renovating or remodelling your home, mouldings in Toronto can significantly change the overall look and feel of your house.


Here are some of the most common types of mouldings and where they can be used around your home:



Different Moulding Types


The most commonly installed mouldings in Toronto are the primary trim which also refers to the baseboards, casings, and crown mouldings. Usually, they are the most functional mouldings because of their ability to hide the gaps between two areas. However, primary mouldings can also be very decorative and set the style and tone of your room. There are also design-enhancing mouldings that are used to add extra style and dimension to your home. These extra touches are commonly used as chair rails and architraves on walls and entryways. Finally, decorative or ornate mouldings are perfect accents with distinct patterns that can turn a plain space into something interesting without being overly expensive. 


Areas to Use Moulding

Mouldings in Toronto are widely used on walls and ceilings where crown mouldings can soften the transition while adding a more stylish and luxurious accent to any room. The right moulding design is all it takes to impact the look and feel of any home. Your floor is also a great place for mouldings in the form of baseboards or base caps that are used to cover gaps between adjoining walls and carpeted edges. They also offer a stylish transition from your wall to the floor. 

Your doors and windows can also benefit from the use of architraves that can make them look great and establish the foundation for the overall decor of your home. They are a perfect addition to entryways and other focal areas in your house. 


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