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How To Install Crown Mouldings Yourself

May 27, 2022

Interior designers and homeowners widely use mouldings for sprucing up homes. They are perfect for transforming a bland room into something aesthetically pleasing. One of the best things about mouldings is that you can get them without spending too much. There are different types of mouldings in Toronto in terms of material or design. Crown moulding is the most popular type among the wide range of options available.


You can either seek professional help for installing crown mouldings or do it yourself if you do not wish to spend extra on labour costs. Against the popular notion, the installation process is rather simple and can be done yourself in a relatively short time.


Here are the steps to install crown moulding

  • Take the measurement of the wall where you intend to install the moulding.
  • Source wood crown moulding in Toronto from a dependable supplier like Tamarack Lumber Inc.
  • Painting the moulding to blend in with the rest of the rooms is an important step. You can either paint the mouldings before installing them or after, depending on your convenience and preference.
  • Attach the moulding to the wall. Use a sturdy ladder and make sure it is safe before you use it to attach the crown moulding. Having a friend or family member present to help you is recommended. Take help to find out if you are holding the mouldings in a straight line and at the desired location.
  • Use a nail gun to firmly attach the crown moulding to the wall. It is suggested to use a softwood strip as a backer for these mouldings. You can first nail a strip of softwood to the wall using a nail gun. This strip of wood will be covered by the hollow part of the moulding. A softwood strip is helpful in installation as it provides an additional surface for using the nail gun and firmly attaching the crown moulding to the wall.
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