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How We Realize Roof Truss Designs for Contractors

November 29, 2018

When it comes to constructing homes or any building, there are many different materials and designs that factor into the process. Contractors have since come to us for building the roof truss designs for their building. This allows for a more durably made truss made by a company with decades of experience.


At Tamarack Lumber, we're capable of realizing roof truss designs for your specific construction project!


Roof truss designs are made according to the shape of the building structure it would be installed. Our designs are catered to your building. However, there are a number of different styles, including the triangular designs with vertical pitches, parallel designs for deep roofs, and also the trapezoidal design for a combination of both roof designs.


Our company, Tamarack Lumber, is fully capable of manufacturing and realizing roof truss designs from the blueprints and plans for your construction project. Contractors come to us with their plans, and we work together to find the best design for your building, as well as manufacturing it for you.


Once we've discussed roof truss designs with the contractor, we draw up a detailed design with specifications and a cost estimate to let contractors know what to expect and how much it'll cost. When the contractor approves the design and cost, we begin manufacturing the truss by using the wood specified within its design, cutting the wood, and assembling them complete with metal supports and hardware.


Our roof truss designs are highly customizable and we can fabricate it regardless of how complex your designs can become. With over thirty years in the lumber and timber industry, it's easy for us to produce whatever you need.


We're located in Burlington, Ontario, allowing us to service contractors across the GTA and even Southwestern Ontario. Feel free to browse our website anytime or visit us in-store. We have a team of highly skilled craftsmen to take care of any inquiry you might have as well as manufacturing and realizing quality-made roof truss designs for you.