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Introduction To Engineered Roof Trusses And Their Benefits

March 31, 2022


One of the best ways to strengthen your roof is to choose roof trusses. The unique triangle shape of the roof truss allows for an even distribution of weight. Equal distribution of weight ensures that there isn't too much stress focused on one particular part of the truss, which can lead to breakage. 


Timber and structural steel are the two common materials used for constructing roof trusses. Due to their many benefits, engineered roof trusses are preferred by contractors and engineers. 

What is an engineered roof truss?


Engineered trusses are roof trusses constructed in a controlled environment by sticking to the measurements that the engineer has come up with. Each construction project is different and demands a roof of a unique size and shape.

An engineer comes up with a plan and the measurement for the roof truss that works best for the particular project, depending on various factors like location, cost, and the overall architecture. These measurements have to be adhered to for ensuring a safe and strong roof. Contractors and engineers prefer engineered trusses as the scope of error is minimal.


Benefits of engineered trusses



As mentioned earlier in this blog, engineered trusses are made in a controlled environment by skilled employees. Engineered trusses are manufactured with the help of the latest tools and equipment to ensure precision.
The employees practise utmost caution to guarantee that the quality of these trusses is not compromised. Engineered trusses are made using processed wood of the best quality to avoid problems like insect infestation and a weakened structure. 



When you opt for engineered trusses, you can save money on labour costs. As these trusses come ready to be installed, there is a minimal need for on-site work. Engineered roof trusses are a great option if you are looking to save time and money.

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