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Moulding Applications and Classifications

June 25, 2019

At first glance, mouldings in Toronto homes contribute a subtle sophistication at first glance. While mouldings primarily serve a decorative purpose in adding to the overall interior design of a home – they also serve the more practical function of protecting interior walls and floors from regular wear and tear. 

Pretty and Practical Applications


Moulding trims are typically used to cover the intentional gap lining the edge where wooden floors meet the dry wall – as these edges tend to showcase shifts and warps when wooden floorboards expand and contract. Mouldings in Toronto homes also act as an efficient barrier against moisture, and are commonly found between flooring sheaths and entry way jambs, and lining interior baseboards to protect from water damage.

To cover up unsightly aspects of your home, or to simply draw visual interest – mouldings are the go-to to adding a little something to your home’s interiors. Crown mouldings are designed to gracefully extrude from the finished top edges of your home’s interior.  


Classifying Mouldings in Toronto Homes


If you need to replace your current trim or are looking for mouldings to outfit your home, it would be advised to have a basic understanding on common moulding classifications.

Mouldings are classified into two grades: clear and paint grade. Clear grade mouldings are crafted from high-quality wood. You are able to stain or paint the moulding to your liking. Paint grade mouldings are made from interlocked planks of wood that are stuck together with an adhesive. These mouldings come pre-painted and are available in a range of colours and grains, depending on where you purchase them.


Expert Guidance Along the Way


Choosing between clear grade and paint grade mouldings might seem like a difficult decision. For all your questions, Tamarack Lumber is here with a tailored solution! We can help assess what products best suit the needs and specificity of application. Call us today to learn more about our products and services – we would be happy to help!