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Moulding Designs that Work for Modern Houses

February 10, 2021

Ornate and detailed baseboards and mouldings in Toronto are a great element for restoring historic and classic homes. However, today many homeowners are more attracted to the modern way of life, making the intricacy of wood mouldings looks out of date and appear out of place. You might be anxious about this if you are currently living or wanted to live or in a modern house. No need to worry though because you don’t have to totally forego of the stylish and elemental effect of wood mouldings in your home. There are moulding designs that are sleek and clean, but not boring, and can perfectly suit your modern living.


Baseboard Mouldings

When it comes to baseboards, you have two options. First is the baseboards with the shadow line. If you prefer to have a more interesting design, you can opt for a flush baseboard with a shadow line, also called a reveal that runs along the top of the baseboards. It lightly separates the baseboard from the beginning line of your walls, giving it a few details. The second option is raised baseboards. The standard height of base mouldings in Toronto is about four inches tall but you can raise this higher by adding more inches to have a more customized and finished look to a room.


Ceiling Mouldings

For the mouldings for your ceiling, there is the artistic crown moulding that can be created by making a tier or layer art deco-style moulding that builds up to your ceiling. In fact, you can have the same design to make a railing on your wall for a better visual effect. You may also choose a cove moulding design that spans the junction of your ceiling and the wall. If you want it to be less obvious, you can paint it using the same tone of colour as your wall. Better yet, there are also oversized or thick cove mouldings in Toronto that offer elegant impact without overpowering the overall design of your room.  

If you’re considering an upgrade to your home to refresh the design, then Tamarack Lumber Inc. can help with our team of experts! Contact us today to learn more about how you can customize your home!