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Moulding Options to Consider for Your Home

August 13, 2019

When you are contemplating the design of your house, there comes a point when you need to consider the options at your disposal for mouldings. Implemented with two main applications in mind, decoration and practicality, mouldings in Toronto are known to come with a slew of choices that can be fitted in and around specific areas for your place of residence.


In order to make it easier to distinguish between the assortments of mouldings in Toronto, we have compiled a list of the more common varieties seen in home renovation projects today.


Ceiling Mouldings

Harsh, angular transitions that occur throughout the adjacent walls in your house can leave the interior of your home feeling soulless and lacklustre. A way renovators sidestep this architectural landmine is typically through crown mouldings; providing a seamless transitions to occur between your wall, ceiling, and interior corners between each sheet of panelling by way of an intricate figuration.  


Wall Mouldings

Known for its more utilitarian functions, wall trims offer many quality-of-life improvements that homeowners can appreciate depending on the usages that occur in their living spaces. Examples of use cases to improve standards of living include protecting walls from the back of chairs, metal hooks to effortlessly hang fixtures without the need for holes, and corner placements to preserve the integrity of plastered wall for living quarters with higher traffic.


Base Shoe Mouldings

A parallel of sorts to ceiling mouldings, base trims are installed to provide intricate gap coverage and protection at the intersection between the wall and the floor, and work especially well to mask inaesthetic irregularities that are commonly seen at the base of residencies.


Mullion Casings

Usually fitted in order to add definition to windows that are close together by serving as a centre trim, as well as being able to obscure window jamb edges for a slicker look. It is especially important to mull over your mullion casing style as it is easy to make it incongruent with the look of your window casing.


Servicing Your Moulding Needs

We are proud to say that we’ve been servicing the home construction sector for large-scale projects and mouldings in Toronto for almost 50 years.


Our name in the industry has earned us the privilege of becoming members of multiple associations, including the Ontario Wood Truss Fabricators Association, dedicated to the maintaining the quality of our craft, and giving us the connections, experience, and confidence to service your need for mouldings in Toronto.


No matter the moulding project you’re working on, our extensive range of materials including poplar, oak, MDF, and many more, are sure to be the right fit for you!