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Mouldings in Toronto That Are Perfect for Modern or Classic-Style Homes

December 13, 2018

Intricate and elaborate mouldings and baseboards are a perfect element in restored houses. However, while many are attracted to very modern home styles, with the right mouldings in Toronto, you’re sure to find the mouldings perfect for whatever your style – be it classic or modern.


At Tamarack Lumber, we have a number of designs for your mouldings in Toronto to ensure that you’ll find the right style for your contracting job!


There’s no need to worry about finding the perfect mouldings in Toronto. There are various moulding designs which are simple and clean, and can perfectly add to a modern or classical and traditional home aesthetic. With such a wide selection of designs to choose from, contractors are sure to find mouldings that will adhere to any style.


Artistic Crown Mouldings

This can be achieved by creating a tiered or layered art deco-style moulding that builds up high towards your ceiling. You can also translate the design to a railing on a wall for a more dramatic effect. This allows for an elegant finish that spans across multiple parts of a room.


Cove Mouldings

Depending on your taste and style, you can go for a subtle cove moulding that spans the junction of the ceiling and the wall. Once you paint it with the same colour as the wall, it becomes barely noticeable. Alternatively, you can opt for a thick or oversized cove moulding with elegant detail that won’t overpower the overall design of the room but, instead, adds another decorative element to it.


With the help of our mouldings in Toronto, you can add a nice touch to any room of your home – regardless of style. Whether it be up high to your ceiling or down to the floor, Tamarack Lumber offers a wide variety of moulding designs that you can choose from.


Made by skilled craftsmen using high quality wood materials, our products can make for a perfect addition to your building and contracting job.